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Ralph A Highshaw MD
4 min readMay 3, 2022

Medicine is a complex profession with a variety of new techniques. Ralph A Highshaw MD of Tampa, Florida, has been working in private practice for 18 years and can attest to advances in the field. In addition to traditional medicine and surgery, Ralph A Highshaw MD has noticed a rise in patients interested in wellness medicine.

What Is Wellness Medicine?

Wellness focuses on overall health. This encompasses both physical, emotional, and nutritional aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Traditionally the United States has focused primarily on medical treatments. By adding a wellness approach to western medicine, patients can get the most out of their treatment.

Social Connectedness

One of the key components to wellness is a social connection. According to one article in Stanford Medicine, strong social connection may lengthen an individual’s life.

Social connections can lower anxiety and depression while boosting self-esteem. A positive outlook can create a thriving lifestyle for people of all ages. Physicians like Ralph A Highshaw MD have noted that a solid social network can strengthen the immune system.

According to Wilder Research, strong social ties are associated with lower blood pressure rates. These social connections do not have to be blood-related to make a difference. Friends or residents in an assisted living program can provide meaningful emotional support. If in-person social interaction is not possible, letters are a positive alternative.


Wellness incorporates exercise into its lifestyle. This does not mean individuals must go to the gym every day or start mountain biking. A simple exercise practice that is maintained regularly is enough to make an impact.

There are still many forms of exercise for those who have physical conditions. Moderated yoga, swimming, and dancing are just a few ways to build strength. Even walking for ten minutes per day has health benefits.

Exercise can improve self-esteem with helpful coping strategies. Instead of dealing with stress internally, exercise allows the body to burn extra energy in a way that’s positive for both physical and mental health. Having control over troubling emotions will also help individuals make better lifestyle choices.


Nutritional wellness is a holistic approach to incorporating healthy diets into everyday life. Coupled with mindful eating practices, this can help manage weight and energy.

By focusing on how each bite tastes, individuals can slow down the process. This practice helps people eat smaller portions while staying full. Choosing nutritional food with protein, iron, and an assortment of vitamins will allow optimal health.

Eating properly is an effective way to prevent health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. It can also improve mental health and energy levels. Nutritional wellness is not just for people who want to lose weight.


Wellness is a lifestyle that continues even when an individual is asleep. A whole night’s rest has health benefits ranging from mood elevation to an improved immune system. Even those who do not struggle with insomnia can benefit from good sleep hygiene.

Sleep hygiene starts before bedtime. Ideally, there should be little to no screen time approximately 30 minutes before sleep. Setting the alarm can help the body relax since there is a designated time limit. If rest is not possible, finding another room is recommended. Blame and guilt do not produce positive results. If one method doesn’t work, that’s okay.

The circadian rhythm is essential for a proper sleep schedule. This dictates the physical and mental changes that occur during the daily 24 hours. If an individual’s circadian rhythm is off, this can affect their energy levels, how much they eat, and their mood. In some cases, the release of hormones can negatively affect the body’s core temperature.

Natural melatonin production helps trigger the mind and body when it’s time to sleep. The hormone is activated from incoming light through the optic nerves. If the light is not registered from the eyes to the brain, this can affect standard sleeping patterns.

Some people will incorporate over-the-counter melatonin into their bedtime routine for a deeper night’s rest. As with most wellness activities, this is designed to be used in moderation.


Mindfulness is a practice that focuses on ones intentions and self-awareness. Interpretation and judgment are the antithesis of mindful practices and can be quieted through specific exercises.

According to Ralph A Highshaw MD, mindfulness exercises can include different forms of therapy, education, physical movement, healthy diet, vitamins, and social connection. People who practice being mindful will find themselves feeling better and as a result overcoming the obstacles of life, be them physical, mental, or emotional in a much more efficient way. Mindfulness is intrinsically linked to wellness. By moderating the daily stressors and focusing on the areas of one’s life that require the utmost importance, uniquely specific to each individual, one begins to relieve themselves of anxiety and depression and go on to lead happier lives.

Without this sense of well-being in one’s life health can become a struggle. This may be the first step to becoming physically healthy and is ultimately something one should adopt as a consistent practice for overall well-being.

Final Thoughts

Wellness health encompasses both western and eastern philosophies. An added emphasis on mental health and the mind can dramatically boost the effects of modern medicine. By understanding both mind and body, this practice helps synchronize the two.



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